Erasmus BREAK TIME-K229

Anno scolastico 2021/2022

Bullying Rudeness Exploits Against Kids, Time For Inclusion In Multicultural Europe

Progetto Realizzato



dal 16 Marzo 2021 al 30 Giugno 2023


The objectives of the project are:

  1. To increase students’ self-expression skills and self-confidence

  2. To reduce the rate of students being affected by violent behaviours

  3. To foster inclusion and reduce early school abandonment in the schools involved (through the analysis and contributions of the students themselves)

  4. To Increase students’ European awareness and knowledge and reflection about both European values and European cultural heritage

  5. To Develop students’ counsciousness about the importance of learning process throught non formal education classes

  6. The sub-objectives ‘ project addressed to reach the objectives are:

  7. To provide teachers and students with knowledge, tools and experiences necessary to embed observed good practice into non-formal education

  8. To support personal development, cultural understanding, European citizenship

  9. To create real cooperative learning groups improving and enhancing everyone’s skills